Ghetto Revival

King of Da Burbz!   Ghetto Revival!   Hallelujah Hollaback! 
Sports Movie

Mariemont Men's Soccer

Video Geniuses


Musical Masterpiece

Kiss From A Rose

A Short Film

Connectile Dysfunction

Musical Ambiguity


A Green Screen Adventure

The Sound Of Music

Indie Film

20 Questions

Built Up Sexual Tension

Riding In Cars With Boys

Stolen Goods

Fun Times With Hannah

A Life Lesson


Introduction to Sensuality


Inside Our Heads

Deep Thoughts

Horrific Film



Wait (The Whisper Song) has been taken down by the MAN and the Fascist government that Larry Goetz has placed over the Mariemont Digital Video Class. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and that you will not be able to see this musical menagerie at your own leisure. If you wish to see it contact Blake Hammond or Chris Hendricks. Again I'm sorry but the MAN is bringin' The Ghetto Revival Down!

-Blake and Chris

A Waste of Your Life

42.19 Seconds Wasted

Blake's Sensual Promotion

Skyline Chili Fairfax

A Creative Interpretation


Chris's Promotional


John Brown!

"King of Da Burbz!"

Hallelujah Hollaback!

If you are offended by our videos we suggest you seek counsel. All of our videos are meant for entertainment purposes only. Any and all derogatory statements were made only to enhance the awesomeness of our videos. We never set out to offend anyone so if we did you should check your sense of humor and try to lighten up. Our main goal in making these videos was having fun, we accomplished our goal, now we hope you can enjoy them too. Finally, if you feel any sexual tension whilst watching these videos do not worry, it is a normal response. Believe us, we definitely felt it while making them.