(a.k.a. Your Mom's Productions)

Godfathers: Mike Donovan, Robby Lewis, Christian Hughes, Joe Duran, Brian Tirey, Chad Reid, Sam Amis, Adam Muennich


2002 - 2003

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Chad's Basketball Dream Smiles Shining Star
Jump! 2 Fast 2 Furious 2  Hamlet Interview
The Quest for the Golden Fleece Predator 2: Halloween Special
Behind the Music: Poison Angelz
World Series of Poker
Dancing Queen Gross

A Brief History of Dragon Slayer Productions

2002 witnessed a revolution in digital video production. Two groups were being formed, and neither had a clue that someday they would be combined into the greatest video production group of all time. These two groups were known as "Goetzyburg (MW) Productions " and "Hands On Productions ." Although they both were in the same video class, neither group could have guessed that they were destined for such amazing feats. In late November, 2002, their fateful paths finally crossed. Hands On members Chad Reid and Robby Lewis were speaking casually with Goetzyburg (MW) member Mike Donovan, when an ingenious idea was spawned. These three brilliant minds, along with the striking ingenuity of Goetzyburg (MW) members Christian Hughes and Sam Amis, came up with the idea for their first united production; the legendary "Behind the Music: Poison Angelz." This production had such a profound effect on its audience that the two groups made the momentous decision to permanently combine their talent and intellect. Under the guidance of the mythical digital video teacher Lawrence Goetz, this new superpower, now called Your Mom's Productions , set out to conquer the world of digital video production. After turning out countless unforgettable movies, they decided to accentuate their dominance by changing the name of the group to Dragon Slayer Productions . It was unanimously felt among the members that this strong name would emphasize their philosophy of hard work and supremacy over all other digital video entities.

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World War II

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