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Born at Branch Hill, Ohio, in 1868 and a graduate from Miami University, Carrie was already an experienced teacher, having taught for seven years, before marrying William Conklin. After her marriage she retired from teaching until her husband’s death. She then worked for 11 years as a bookkeeper before returning to the classroom, teaching at the Franklin School in Given Road for 2 years. In 1917 she organized the Fairfax School.
            In 1924, Mr. Charles Livingood asked Carrie to help organize the Mariemont Company School, the temporary school building which stood at the corner of Beech Street and Wooster Pike. The school opened on September 24, 1924 with 33 pupils from Fairfax and 3 from Mariemont. As an inexperienced teacher Marie Hawk Jordan recalls the kindness Carrie showed towards her when she first came to teach at the Mariemont School. As Mariemont was developed and more families moved into the area a larger school was needed. In 1925 Dale Park Elementary School was completed and Carrie continued to teach there until 1932 when she retired again on her marriage to O.R. Sater, although she continued as a substitute teacher for another 18 years. She died on December 9, 1958. Her grandson, Bob Anderson, believes Carrie was responsible for planting the large Christmas tree at the Old Town Center, a site of traditional annual holiday celebrations in Mariemont for many years Carrie’s great-grandchildren, were enrolled in the school system she helped to create.


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