Mariemont High School
Video Production 2002-2003

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America MasterCard Camp Kern 2002
American Pie Mentos Spirit Week 2002
Basketball Dreams Militia Madness Spirit Week 02
Bunny Returns Money Week of Spirit
Candy Cooper New High School Sophmore Float
Casper New School Junior Float
Chess Off-Kilter 8th Grade Football 2002
Coffee Pet Technology 2002
Dance Party Poison Angel Open House 2002
Dancing Queen Safety Dance Art Gallery
Foundation Scare Senior Video Promo
Ghengis Kahn Shadow Spring Fling 2003
Golden Fleece Snack Bar ME Grade 6 2003
H20 The Summond Graduates in the Gym 03
Hunting Unsolved Mystery National Anthem (Jesse)
Jump When Nature Calls Senior Video 2003
Live a dream Winter Malaise Cat Report Fax Class of 14
Magical Remote Yeah Toast Oklahoma (Off Stage)
Thinking Hamlet